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My banked called me about my BTC purchases

I applied for a 5k loan last week, they called me up last week to to ask about big sum money between different banks, where the money are etc. What the purpose of it is etc. Seems like banks are getting nervous about their customers taking money out of the bank and buying crypto. What if they stop giving people loans to people who Invest in crypto.
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Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #85

This week’s newsletter announces the release of C-Lightning 0.8.1, requests help testing a Bitcoin Core maintenance release, summarizes a discussion about taproot versus implementing MAST and schnorr ...
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Coinbase introduces crypto debit card

Perhaps even more importantly though, Coinbase is the first cryptocurrency company with the power to issue debit cards for others, including other cryptocurrency companies.
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Bitcoin Gives You Certainty in an Unstable World

The world we live in is increasingly unstable. This instability manifests itself both politically and economically. As individuals, we do not know very well what lies ahead of us in the future. The…