My Antminer S9 arrives today!

19D Ago
Do I expect to make money? No. It's likely going to cost me double what it will make me at the current Bitcoin price with how much my energy is costing. I'm a maximalist. I don't care for money in this space. I care for securing one of the most important innovations to money in Human history. I care about individual sovereignty and a more free world for the people when I leave this place. It will always be more than worth the cost to me. So long as I can afford to keep it on, I will. This is my promise to our community. Perhaps in the future I will start adding solar panels to bring down my cost. I know one tiny little S9 is peanuts compared to the networks hashing power but I'm excited to embark on this journey. It's the core principles of Bitcoin to keep this network as decentralized as I possibly can afford to. It's better than doing nothing. My next step is probably to set up node for the lightning network. Any tips or words of wisdom are appreciated. I can't think of a more rewarding activity than building towards a brighter future for my children. Hodl on