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My 81 year old Dad just bought the dip

I couldn't be more proud. My 81 year old Dad is still slinging it in the markets man. Pops asked me what I thought of Bitcoin a month ago and I gave him "This Book Will Save You Time." Yesterday he called me asking how to buy it and if I could afford to throw him today. Damn!! I said 10k. He said that's fine, do you know what Dollar Cost Averaging is son? ...Yes Dad. I'll just keep doing that amount until I die. I'll write you a check next time I see you for ten grand. 😲😲😲😲 I effing love you pops. You're a stone cold killer. Edit: it's monthly
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Who Bought Over 12k Bitcoin On Coinbase?

Greetings heisters, BitcoinFrom Aug 2020 – Oct 2020 approximately 300k BTC was taken off the exchanges available reserve (buying demand). We went from 2.7mm –> 2.4mm BTC on exchanges in 3 months. It w...
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The Bitcoin Bubble Myth

What if the Bitcoin price isn’t random at all? We explore new data that suggests Bitcoin may be cyclical and predictable.
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Lightning arrived on Okcoin

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is live on OKCoin — here's a guide to using Lightning to deposit and withdraw BTC with OKCoin.
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Amazon going to crypto

It will allow developers within Ethereum to have a better general time in the creation of automatic software upgrades, general application.