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MultiBit will not open on MacOS

Seeking help on retrieving my BTC on my MultiBit wallet that is no longer able to open. I am getting a Java 6 error and unable to install an old Java 6. (MacOS) I have all the information (seed & pword) and have been able to see the funds when opening the wallet via Electrum but it is in "Watch Only" and unable to withdraw. If anyone is able to help or has any work-arounds, please reach out. THANKS REDDIT COMMUNITY!
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Schiff’s Negative Voices Promote Bitcoin, Says Zhao

Bitcoin opponent Peter Schiff said he failed to access his wallet after mistaking the password, which led him to severe criticism from the crypto community. Some crypto enthusiasts claimed that Schiff...
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Bitcoin Lightning Torch 2.0 On The Move

This week, the Lightning community decided it was time to resurrect the Lightning Torch 2.0 for another go at showcasing the awesomeness of the LN.
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The only Instagram filter we need

Today I made an Instagram AR filter using Spark AR Studio. Pretty cool tool. Waiting on the filter to get approved, but here’s a test I made. I’m so happy I’m not a shitcoin. 😂Ps. Obviously would’ve ...