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Most popular phone wallets

I'm a 2011 btc veteran. As such, I find myself using tools that become outdated and don't keep up with what's new anymore. You get set in your ways. I've used mycelium as a phone wallet for what seems like forever. It used to be simple and sleek. There were development plans for some interesting tools that never came to be. I just looked in the app for the first time in a while and it's become bloated with spammy media feeds and other sponsors that reek of desperation. If i were to recommend something that looks like a malware infected early 2000s webpage to a friend, it's got all the bells and whistles to drive them away. It's finally the sad time to dump mycelium and take my spending keys elsewhere. (RIP crowdfunding coins donated long ago) What is everyone's phone wallet choice these days and why? I have used many over the years, they all have their strengths and quirks.
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