Money printer go BRRR and bitcoin is not a solution

1M Ago
If there is a hard cap of bitcoin supply ( **There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin ).** Then someone can won the game. Its just like monopoly where 1 player can win. In this case it will probably will not be 1 player, but at the end it is very possible that a group of people who believe in bitcoin will own the majority of it. In the fiat system its not possible to win all because they will just print more. If you just sit on your money there value will go down. Don't get me wrong i think the crypto and the decentralization is good for most the people, but not when there is a hard cap on them. Just think about it if there are 21$ and i own 5$ and have a successful business i will generate more and more $ ofc i will pay some of them to my workers, but at the end my net worth will increase and what will happen if i reach lets say 20$? Probably the crypto is the future, but I don't think that bitcoin is in it. At least not in the way that will replace traditional Brrrr.