Monetization as an investment

13D Ago
There are many social platforms where you can monetize your content. But on each of these centralized platforms there are many difficult conditions for the possibility of monetization. I often reflect and am in search of additional earnings, preferably passive. And recently I came across a new decentralized social network called Solcial. It will launch very soon. After reading the documents on the official website, I was a little confused, since the monetization method was different from the usual one. It was a novelty. But it seemed to me quite interesting and most importantly perfectly simple and understandable. Without any conditions, as in centralized networks. Moreover, I discovered the opportunity to make money on MY content, and the opportunity to make money without creating content in principle. Namely, I can earn money on the platform by investing in content creators at an early stage. That is, if the author of the content is popular, his account and the cost will be in demand and, accordingly, increase in price. I can just INVEST my money in his, let's say, POPULARITY. And it's just as easy to withdraw your money. Perfectly simple! This is not financial advice. But I recommend getting to know this social network closer.