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Mistakes happen

So in late 2016I got quite a big amount of money. I was thrilled because I was born an raised in a poor household and handling such amounts of money was scary to me. I wanted to buy everything, not like super cars and houses but like highest end "fairly normal people stuff" like a new car, an apartment and watches. Some friend told me that there was bitcoin and I heard of it but never was interested in it. I was never into tech or anything like that, and I wouldnt wanna invest anything because I was naiv and stupid. A young bloke with couple hundred K. If I had invested my money, even half of it, and sold it again in 2017 october november period where bitcoin was going through the roof, I would have enough money to maybe make more wise investments and maybe live a more wealthy life and have more than enough for the rest of my life Now, I have my apartment and my car, needed to seel my watch and work in an office job 9-5. I could have settled myself for the rest of my life. What i want to say is that educating young teens about money is really important. I dont want to learn how the greeks lived 2000 years ago, I want to know how money can be earned, spent and whatever comes with it. At least in my country it wasnt teached to us.. As someone once said: You miss 100 % of the shots you dont take" so take the risk, as long as you can.
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