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Mining Bitcoin in my uni

Okay. I obviously don't pay directly for the electricity used in my college. So what stops me from buying a few ASIC miners, joining a pool, and plugging them in my campus. Stupid idea or what
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Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #73

This week’s newsletter announces a new minor version release of LND, notes downtime on the development mailing lists, describes some recent updates to Bitcoin services and clients, and summarizes rece...
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[STUDY] How Many Bitcoins Are Permanently Lost?

How Many Bitcoins Are Permanently Lost? Bitcoin’s whitepaper, which recently turned 11 years old, is so concise that it makes only a passing mention of supply: Once a predetermined number of coins hav...
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Investment Case for Bitcoin

On November 10th, 2018, I wrote an article discussing the risk/reward potential of Bitcoin. I explained how Bitcoin could appreciate 50x if it continues to evolve as a digital and superior form of…