MicroStrategy execs. explain Bitcoin to the shareholders

MicroStrategy execs. explain Bitcoin to the shareholders

This is a webinar recording from 11/01, Q3 financial results, in which MSTR's executives present the financial results from last quarter to the investors. There is a lot of Bitcoin talk in it.

These are the timestamps of the important Bitcoin stuff:

Shirish Jajodia (VP investors relations & treasury)
00:00 Opening

Phong Le (CEO)
06:15 Lightning applications
09:53 Bitcoin strategy

Andrew Kang (CFO)
15:10 Bitcoin impact in costs
18:50 Bitcoin holdings carrying value
21:00 Capital structure and Bitcoin holdings (collaterals)

Michael Saylor (Chairman)
23:40 MicroStrategy outperformance since Bitcoin adoption
35:00 Lightning adoption
43:00 Bitcoin institutional acceptance vs. DeFi buzz
45:00 Bitcoin security

Questions (47:30)
53:10 Bitcoin vs broader crypto space
54:30 Catalysts around Bitcoin adoption
57:20 How mstr makes the decision to invest in Bitcoin
01:00:00 Diversifying Bitcoin strategy