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Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test (Round IV)

Note: This is a recurring series; here you can read the full results of the entire series here.

The Contenders


This new product from Coinkite doesn't appear to make any claims about its durability, but it's clearly designed in the same vein as Blockplate, so I expect it to perform well.


This is really interesting because it's the first of its kind. Cryptoetch makes it dead simple to safely create a steel backup via electrochemical etching. Basically, you remove the protective varnish for the words you want etched and then use salt water and electricity to burn away a few layers of steel.

Cryptoetch claims to be:

Waterproof Fireproof Corrosion resistant


You may recall I tested Cypherwheel last year but it had a few issues. The manufacturer took the results from my test to make some tweaks to the center hub around which the device spins and asked me to retest. Cypherwheel claims to be:

Fireproof up to 2000 degrees Rust proof Waterproof

Hodlinox Single Plate

I tested Hodlinox's double plate solution last year; this is their new single plate version. Hodlinox claims to be:

fire proof water proof corrosion resistant unaffected by various acids

Tjernlund CC3P: An unheard-of device I stumbled across on Amazon. Manufactured in entirely in the USA by Tjernlund, a 80-year-old family run sheet metal manufacturer. The CC3P is basically a few cut pieces of commercial grade 304 Stainless Steel. Tjernlund claims to be:

fireproof waterproof drop-proof corrosion-proof shock-proof

However, it also claims:

with its three piece, single fit design you can now add a new layer of security: geographic security. Simply by locating each 1/3 of your device in different locations you remove the value and motivation of finding a single piece and exponentially increase the difficulty of your information being compromised.

I'd be remi...

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