Mental Blocks & Dismissiveness


Just a vent I suppose...had a happy hour with some nice folks. They started talking about all the worlds problems.

I chimed in about currency debasement, inflation and how that oppresses people, steals their time and wealth, etc.

They all nodded in agreement.

Got quiet.

I said there is a solution.

They perked up...what is it?


Eye rolls, moved on, not interested. But I pushed through and gave a 2 minute speech.

I'm fascinated by people describing the symptoms of a problem, agreeing on the root cause then completely dismissing the solution.

I read it as people have lost hope and don't believe anything is possible any more. They hear "Bitcoin" and "solution" and default to...yeah right...get out of here. They will never let it happen.

Ug. So disappointing sometimes. But we still push on and move forward. They will learn it's the solution one way or the other.