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Mempool stuck again...

It is absolutely great to see that bitcoin is rising but once again the mempool is stuck with transaction fees rising to almost $5 and more. Transactions with low fees are getting stuck for days and still not confirming. Some people argue that if you want quick confirmation then use lightning network, but the truth is that lightning network is not that widely supported, its good for microtransactions and still risky. Is there no solution to bitcoin's rise in fees every time its price rises? Anyhow if your transaction is stuck in the mempool, you can check the status using a block explorer that also gives you an *estimate* of confirmation time. * [Mempool]( * [Blockonomics]( Before sending a bitcoin transaction it is always advised to send the appropriate fees if you want to have it confirmed quickly, wallets now usually give you an estimate of the fees along with the corresponding confirmation time. You can still check for an estimate of the fees here: * [Bitcoin Fees]( * [Bitcoin Congestion Manager]( * [Bitcoiner]( If your transaction is stuck you can either wait or use a transaction accelerator like: * [Bitaccelerate]( * [BTC transaction accelerator]( * [ViaBTC](
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