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Meet The Millennials Saving For Retirement Using Bitcoin

em, he argues, that hasn’t betrayed them.

“When you talk to millennials who have been thoroughly disappointed by every single social institution -- the government, the church, the politics, the parties -- they can’t trust anyone anymore,” Antonopoulos said. “They remember 2008, because it was the first big crash they’ve had, and many millennials have been unable to find work. They watched no bankers go to jail.”

Now that it’s time for them to start pushing around coins, millennials are choosing to do it digitally -- and on their own terms.

“It feels better to run my own savings plan by investing and reinvesting in new technology,” said Emil Thorsplass, a 24-year-old musician from Norway. “I still have my regular pension fund and my bills still have to be paid through a bank account, but cryptocurrency investments have become a central part of saving for me.”

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