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Me telling my dad to invest in bitcoin in December 2017 😭

I remember very well how it all went. December 2017, bitcoin prices skyrocketing, me being a minor and having no money to invest, my dad clueless as a bird. 1 Bitcoin was about $15.000 back then, so i tell my dad all about Bitcoins and that the price is going up so rapidly and how it’s definitly a “safe” investment. I get him all excited and sure enough, he makes an account, we buy some bitcoin and we wait patiently while watching the price keep going up.🚀 A week goes by, all seems good. Another week goes by and the price just starts tankin’📉😭 So here i am, telling my dad not to worry and explaining that we’ll just have to hold. (Or even buy more while it’s low.) But why would he believe me when 2 weeks after i tell him to invest everything just crashes. BUT, now February 2021, my dad is still a proud and happy bitcoin holder. And i finally get to say “I told you so”. Moral of the story: HODL 🙌💎📈🚀🚀🚀
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