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Mass Adoption Day! Not really but I do need some help.

So I'm apart of a local workout/resort club, for $50 I get I kiosk for the day right in front. This place has high foot traffic and lots of wealthy people. I want to introduce bitcoin to hopefully a few people that day. I'm using Shakepay (with my referral code to make some bonus sats) as an introductroy. And Bluewallet Although I need to buy like a TV/Monitor or something it shouldnt be that expensive to do(for what I want to do) Depending on how successful this is - I'm going to branch out. But I need some help. I'm trying to find some decent literature/pamphlete that's easy and I could hand out(Printable).
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Matt D'Souza on Twitter: No Asset follows trend better than Bitcoin. On 10/13/2015, BTC closed above its 200 dma & didn't close under the 200 dma until 2/5/2018: 846 days of maintaining long-term trend...On 3/14/2018, Bitcoin closed below its 200 dma & did not close above the 200 dma until 4/2/2019

No Asset Follows Trend Better than Bitcoin.The 2016/2017 Bull Market Mania:On 10/13/2015, Bitcoin closed above its 200 dma & did not close under the 200 dma until 2/5/2018: 846 days of maintaining...
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Happy birthday, Bitcoin. Hello world, Nym Mixnet

The Nym Mixnet is the privacy-preserving network layer we believe could be the next big step after Bitcoin for ensuring human freedom online in an era of mass surveillance. Surveillance occurs on…
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Sim Swapping - The Key to Crypto Privacy

To execute a successful SIM Swap, a hacker must acquire enough information about a person to impersonate them on a call to their cellular provider.