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Man offers city $72M to dig up accidentally discarded Bitcoin fortune

James Howells, the owner of a discarded hard drive with 7,500 Bitcoin (BTC), has made a fresh plea to excavate a landfill site and possibly recover the device. Back in 2013, Howells accidentally threw away a hard drive containing 7,500 BTC while cleaning his house. The Bitcoin stash came from Howell’s mining activity back when it was still possible to use CPUs to mine Bitcoin/ By November 2013, the Bitcoin  in the hard drive was already worth $6.5 million and Howell has been trying to recover it ever since. Now, according to Newport daily tabloid, the South Wales Argus, Holler has tendered a fresh appeal for the right to excavate a landfill site in the city.
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Craig Wright's Anti-Bitcoin Attempts Just Helped Bitcoin

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U.S. congress is now hosting the Bitcoin Whitepaper

✅ Policymakers should be on the side of innovation and ingenuity, which are vital to American competitiveness. I hope others in US govt join me. #Bitcoin— Patrick McHenry (@Pat...
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CSW faked his PhD from CSU University

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