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Major business firm Christie's Accepts Bitcoin for Painting value calculable $6 Million

**British business firm Christie’s can settle for bitcoin Associate in Nursingd ether for a painting value a calculable $6 million. The digital billfold wont to get the painting should be controlled at one among the approved custodians, like Coinbase, Fidelity, Gemini, or Paxos.** **Paying for Paintings With Bitcoin at Christie’s** **Christie’s, one of the most important auction homes within the world, can settle for cryptocurrency for a painting by Keith Haring at its “20th/21st-century” sale in London next week.** **Katharine Arnold, co-head of post-war and up to date art for Christie’s in Europe, told Reuters that the painting “is most likely the initial example that we tend to see of Associate in Nursing creator celebrating the pc.” She elaborated: “It was 1984 that Apple Macintosh was initially launched. therefore it’s a bit of history.” Arnold added:** **"So the potential for paying in cryptocurrency for the total hammer worth and buyer’s premium was one thing that felt like this was an ideal wedding."** **The painting has Associate in Nursing calculable worth of three.9 million pounds – four.5 million pounds ($5.42 million – $6.25 million).** **Two cryptocurrencies are accepted. “Payment in ether or bitcoin should be created via a digital billfold transfer of that currency to Christie’s,” the auction house’s website describes, noting that partial payments from multiple digital wallets won't be allowed.** **However, the digital billfold used should be controlled with one among the subsequent custodians: Coinbase Custody Trust, Coinbase, Fidelity Digital Assets Services, Gemini financial organization, Gemini Europe Ltd., Gemini Europe Services Ltd., Paxos financial organization, Digivault Ltd., Ziglu Ltd., or Archax Ltd.** **Christie’s emphasized:** **"Only payments sent from digital wallets maintained at these platforms are attributable towards this ton purchase, and that we won't recognise payments from digital wallets hosted at alternative exchanges...
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I am extremely proud and excited to announce that the Lightning Network (❤️⚡️) can actually handle payments of substantial size if the correct paths and amounts are chosen. Received (and send back) 0.3679 BTC yesterday on Mainnet with optimal MPP splits with a total of 345 different paths! ❤️⚡️

Guess who received (& send back) 2 LARGE (!) mainnet #Bitcoin payments from @stefanwouldgo over the #LightningNetwork!1st payment: 0.3679 BTC (345 parts minSplitSize: 10k sats)2nd payment: 0.286...
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How Bitcoin's Lightning Network Works

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