Luke loses 200 Bitcoin in a cold wallet. The next day, CZ warns of self-custody. Are we connecting the dots?


Luke Dashjr, one of the original core creators of Bitcoin, claimed that a hack cost him 200 or more Bitcoins. The developer claimed in a tweet that the suspected hackers had acquired access to his PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) key.

Upon asking, "how PGP key lead to losing Bitcoin? I mean if he using Hot Wallet then it probably should be very secure", he replied, " Everything is compromised. "

That is a nice explanation.

Another Twitter user said, " I don't buy this. You of all people should have at least some basic Opsec, and you are leading us to believe you kept over 200 BTC on a hot wallet? "

Luke's response was lukewarm: "No, they got my cold wallet too somehow "

Those that are in the space for a while understand that unless their keys are compromised or stolen, it is impossible to hack a cold wallet. Never happened till data, the history of cold wallets speaks for itself. But, it is coming from a Bitcoin core developer, which is concerning because if he can't keep his Bitcoin secure, who really can?

When asked, " Doesn't sound like a cold wallet if your keys were on a computer connected to the internet, or am I misunderstanding the situation? "

His response: " They weren't supposed to be. I agree they must have been somehow."

Now, Luke is one of the OGs of space, and if he could lose Bitcoins, an average Joe certainly can. However, with a cold wallet, it is not possible; it is what is being told to all of us at the least.

Then comes in CZ with his tweet: Sad to see even an OG Bitcoin Core Developer lost 200+ BTC ($3.5 million). Self custody have a different set of risks."

Wow! What a brilliant way to market your services! Hitting the iron when it's hot. Kudos

I'm not saying that Luke was paid by CZ to lie about the stolen BTC. He probably already had enough to decline such an opportunity.

But, what if he was?

P.S.: I'm not high on anything; it is just that the way Luke is trying to explain the hack seems like a made-up story.