Lost a month of wages to a crypto scammer

16D Ago
I admit that I fell victim to a Bitcoin scam, and I’m trying to report the scammer to the authorities with a bit of information about his identity. Anyone know the contact information for the financial crimes unit for Southern California, specifically Los Angeles area? Long story short, I became friends with this guy online who seemed like a good person and promised me he could help me earn some money from Bitcoin by managing my investment and having me top up money once in a while. Over the last year I invested about $3300 into a wallet he was managing and he sent me a screenshot that it had become about $4300. $3300 is about a month’s wages for me before taxes are taken out. I requested that I wanted to withdraw the investment and he told me he would send it to my wallet. However, it’s been 9 days and he has not been checking his messages. It’s clear I’ve been scammed, and I want to report this. I know this guy’s real name as well as the fact that he works in data science and is a worship leader at a Christian church and he lives in Los Angeles. I’m trying to file a report with the LAPD as well as with their financial crimes unit but I cannot reach the latter by phone and I believe that the LAPD only allows reports in person for online financial crimes. Can anyone help me? Not likely I will get my money back unless I sue this guy in small claims court and get his address.