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Losing faith in Bitcoin

Last week, I tried to make a transaction with bitcoin. It was sent with a ridiculously low fee (I couldn't change it) and it has been stuck in the mempool ever since. It also seems like a node is rebroadcasting it every 3 days, effectively resetting the 2 week waiting period every time. The fact that your bitcoin can actually be stuck for weeks or even potentially forever is just straight up garbage. I simply don't see how bitcoin can undergo mass adoption when something as simple as trying to make a transaction can result in your payment being stuck for weeks/forever. Hate to say it, but bitcoin cash actually seems pretty attractive if the result is I don't have to risk waiting potentially until the end of time for a transaction to finally go through. I've also tried importing the wallet to different services to attempt to "cancel" or send back to myself with a higher fee, but I'm having 0 luck. I'm completely frustrated because I've been singing bitcoin's praises over the years because all I did was hodl. The first time I decide to try and move it, it's all gone. For the first time, bitcoin has made me feel powerless in what I can do with my money. tl;dr bitcoin potentially stuck forever, despair setting in.
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