Long term implication of Bitcoin HODL strategy?

22D Ago
First, I am pro Bitcoin. I had a long conversation with a smart friend of mine, where we debated Saylor’s $500M conversion of their stock -> Bitcoin. Wanted to ask community thoughts on the following scenario. Imagine a company Cheese Inc, that makes cheese with 20% YOY growth, a VC comes in with $100M check to invest however the board of executives at CHZ see best, that maximizes return on investment. 1. What would incentives “cheese makers” to invest into their craft instead of BTC? How would you go about allocating that $100M as a CHZ exec? 2. If majority of $$$ would then go to BTC instead of expanding cheese making business - would that slow down or negatively impact the robustness of “cheese supply” for the world in the short term (prior to majority of inflationary money entering Bitcoin pool)? 3. If majority of corporations follow suite and convert large chunks of their equity into BTC reserve, are we converting potentially essential “goods and services” into BTC farms? (And if we can’t yet eat BTC… are we starving out the non-HODLers??)