Logical Inconsistency with Energy FUD

23D Ago
An argument I haven’t heard countering the bitcoin mining FUD towards the use of energy is the fact of how much energy data centers and servers use to enable the internet. Energy has to be expended to upload, store and stream content and no one thinks twice about it. For example in 2020, 500 hours of content was uploaded to YouTube a minute! Now what about the rest of the internet? The knaves demonize PoW under the guise of climate change. In doing so they fail to understand (using their logic) servers and data centers in the U.S. alone consume about 2% of total energy. As of April 2022, U.S. energy sources consisted of the following; 36% petroleum, 32% nat gas, 12% renewable, 11% coal and 8% nuclear. Meaning 79% of the internets total energy is sourced by burning hydrocarbons. I see two logical inconsistencies with the energy mining FUD. First, most people perpetuating it don’t appreciate the utility of the decentralized payment system. Do I enjoy 99.99% of what is uploaded on YT, absolutely not. Yet, I still find utility by being able to watch/listen to the 0.01% of content on YT that I do find enjoyment from. That doesn’t mean I should demonize YT or demand it should be shut down because I have so little utility in the rest of the system. Second, people don’t understand energy generation, transmission and distribution or consumption for that matter. I myself fell victim to clickbait news articles about how bad fossil fuels are and how possible clean energy is before I started working in energy then you see how important to life that 80% fossil fuel is. Clean energy is possible but a LOT of human calories are needed to get us there.