Locked Out of Bank Account - Thank God for BTC


Hey guys,

I thought you’d be interested to hear this.

I’m in the UK and I was having some issues buying Bitcoin with my old bank Starling so I moved to Revolut (moved all my funds and made it my main account. That was my first mistake)

I’ve been using it two months and no issue, spending, buying Bitcoin and moving it to cold storage. No problem.

Last Friday I received a refund and so I wanted to buy Bitcoin with the money - it was £10. At the moment of my purchase my account was frozen - and it still is.

Since last Friday afternoon I have been unable to access my account and my funds within it. No reason has been given but they did ask who controlled the address I sent the BTC to (I hated having to explain myself as it’s my money).

The only way I’ve been able to live is thanks to my Bitcoin and Bitrefill.

No reason given! And still my account is blocked!! Why are these banks giving me such a hard time?

EDIT: I wanted to add that the Revolut sub have basically blamed me (I take the downvotes as blame) for buying Bitcoin….even though Revolut offer that service? They are still like ‘you touched crypto, you’re forever flagged as a money launderer’. It’s crazy that some people think this way