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Lightning Network Swap Organizer

​ [LightningNetwork.Plus Swaps]( We launched a web app for the Bitcoin Lightning Network community about 24 hours ago. The news received [many retweets]( and likes on Twitter, and lots of positive feedback [on the LN subreddit]( I was encouraged to post the site here as well: []( The web app allows lightning network node operators organize liquidity swaps (aka rings of fire). The main benefit is that for every channel you open, you also receive an incoming channel, thus you double your node's capacity and you allow yourself outgoing and incoming capacity at once. The idea is not new. Node operators have been organizing these swaps for quite a while on forums and on telegram. This web app just makes it easier to do it. It holds your hand throughout the process so even new node operators can benefit from the concept. The next step is the most interesting. We will have an API to this LN+ engine and database, and thus wallets can plug into it. From a user's perspective this will mean they can click a button, provide a capacity and they will automatically be matched to a triangle, the outgoing and incoming channels will be open automatically as well. In result they will have both incoming and outgoing capacity at once. This would make using LN easier, and will also decentralize and strengthen the network further. LN nodes will be organized into mega structures of multiple triangles. A mesh rather than a spokes and wheel topology.
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