Let's Talk About "FUD" )Not what you think... )


Let's talk about the term "FUD".

I think the reaction of calling every idea about about Bitcoin you don't like as "FUD" is ridiculous. It's the same intelectual laziness by which liberals attribute any type of disadvantage to racism or sexism and the way conservatives dismiss any information that doesn't align with their world view as fake news.

They are all just excuses of self-righteous defensiveness.

I know even the biggest Bitcoin influences throw this term around, but I would urge you to have deeper thoughts when questioned about bitcoin. By not leaning on the knee-jerk reaction of "FUD" you will provide a better understanding to the person asking the question and it will also force you to deepen your own understanding and philosophy of why Bitcoin works.

And that is exactly why the term is unnecessary and lazy, because all the typical arguments "FUD" against bitcoin have very clear explanations that anyone willing to learn how money works can easily understand. And if that person doesn't what to take the time to understand bitcoin, that's fine. They will just have to buy bitcoin at the price they deserve.

I've often posted here that Bitcoin does not care about semantics, but I think this idea is more than just semantics. It's about promoting a more intelligent discussion around bitcoin, which also requires the respondent to also improve their own understanding.