Kraken - now accepting ACH deposits?

12D Ago
Maybe I missed it before, but I just noticed that Kraken now appears to accept connecting bank via Plaid for ACH deposits. For a while the only way I could fund the account (US user) was by wire transfer. This is a welcome change :) The weird thing about how I found out - got an email about a “successful deposit” - I didn’t deposit anything, so I logged into my account to check it out. No deposit found. Now before anyone says it was a phishing exercise, I made sure to note that the email is identical to previous ones for prior deposits and I went directly to the site. I did not click on any link from the email. Odd, not sure what to make of it, but happy to see ACH available now :) Edit: I’m only seeing this option when logging in via website. I do lot see the option on the app.