Just a heads up, when media says bitcoin is heavily used with the dark web


If you can't Google it, then it's the dark web. So all Web 3 sties at this time, TOR sites, and content from individual accounts, such as email, social media, banking, along with personal and professional databases, and documents (legal and medical).

So when media does fearmongering and say x% of transactions are on the dark web.

  1. How did they come up with that number. Like I seen recently they pulled 70% out of their ass. That number is too low.
  2. It is highly likely 90%+ of transactions are on the dark web due to it being on exchanges and using an interface and system you only get AFTER you log in and that isn't searchable on Google.

Then again, there could be a debate if 100% is the right number. Like all the transactions are happening over the blockchain over the internet. On one hand the transaction isn't indexed on Google or whatever. Like if it is, then it would be a while after. But then again, you can use tools that is available to the public without logging in to view the blockchain.


If someone freaks out about the "dark web" or "dark net" or they listen to this fearmongering. Make sure they know their email is on the dark web. You have to log in to see it, and it isn't public indexed.

Educate those around you