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Joe Biden’s Government is Mining Bitcoin, Says White House Adviser

Joe Biden’s Government is Mining ‘Bitcoin, Says White House Adviser The disclosure was made by bitcoin mining expert and government advisor, Whit Gibbs, during an interview. The expert argues that countries like El Salvador are on the right track by adopting bitcoin in their economies. Senator Elizabeth Warren puts pressure on a New York miner claiming his operations impact climate change.

Cryptocurrency expert and White House adviser Whit Gibbs shows that Joe Biden’s government is mining bitcoins. The also CEO of Compass Mining made the reveal during an interview on Anthony Pompliano’s Best Business Show on Wednesday, December 1.

During a conversation about the countries that currently mine bitcoins, the name of the United States came up by accident. The interviewer spoke about the mining activities carried out by El Salvador and also by the Venezuelan government.

When Pompliano asked Gibbs what the US was needing to start mining the so-called digital gold, the interviewee clearly said, “America is already exploding …” but he immediately corrected himself and slipped the word “maybe”.

“They can have 10 to 20 watts running somewhere in the Midwest to test it. Maybe. It's hypothetically speaking," said the bitcoin mining expert slyly while clarifying that the issue was national security.

According to Gibbs, bitcoin mining could help developing countries improve their living standards. For the adviser to the US government, the bitcoin plan that El Salvador is carrying out will have positive consequences in the next 20 to 30 years.

But Pompliano took up the issue of bitcoin mining by the federal government and mentioned that a federal agency was involved in mining BTC.

On The Flipside

Instead of requesting the approval of a budget to mine bitcoins, which would be more difficult, the agency scrambled to add more computers dedicated to cryptocurrency mining.

According to Pompliano, this activity has be...

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