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It’s not a big deal to say “I was wrong”. Sticking with what’s wrong when you know what’s right is a big deal.

I believe that the NYA signatories went into the deal thinking they were reaching a reasonable compromise. For various reasons it is clear now that what the NYA represents is bad for bitcoin. The mature and rational adult thing to do is to admit that things didn’t turn out as they expected and to move forward based on what you now know that you did not know before. The only defence for proceeding with NYA that I hear are that the signatories “keep their word”. That’s not sensible. There is nobody forcing them to keep their word. They can just admit it’s not the right thing to do now and move on. Simple. Instead I’m reading about how they are trying to trick light wallets into thinking the forked chain is the original chain, how they are cloaking their nodes, how they are removing replay protection, etc.. This is where things cross over from not admitting to being wrong to doing wrong. These tactics are wrong. Be responsible adults. Do the adult thing and call off the contentious and unnecessary hard fork.
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