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It's doing that thing again

Haven't posted for a long time. Been tumultuous since I joined the community in 2017. I had weak hands and cashed out my .25 at the atl for 2019 in March of last year after a rough time in Atlantic City. I know I know, but I needed something to get bills done after the buffoonery. Hard knowing that that paltry 1k would be closer to 3.5 right now. Anyway. Kept my greyscale shares and have been adding to that steadily and am happy to say that after being in the red for the better part of three years I'm only at a $90 loss where at certain times it was nearly 1k or more. I know not your keys not your coins, but it is real skin in the game. Concordantly, I did return to the btc market this spring with some of that govt handout and all I can say is I wish I had had more solvency at the time as it's all ready at a 50% return. Pretty incredible to witness. 2020, what a year. Ok, sorry for the diary entry, but no one in my real life would understand half the shit I just said, that's why I love you guys. Let's get more pump and less dump! Happy moon ride!
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