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It's a great thing for bitcoin for local businesses start accepting it....It not only validates its power as a strong currency but also something that can be trusted.

Bitcoin Adoption Story — Interview with Matthew Anderson owner of ScienceSupply


Earlier this month, Blockonomics got in touch with Matthew Anderson, a passionate entrepreneur to learn more about him, his company and talk about bitcoin in general.

Matt is an Australia based entrepreneur who owns Science Supply, a company that sells Laboratory Glassware. A passionate business owner who loves technology, science and chemistry, Matt has been supplying Australia with glassware since 2012.

What kind of products does ScienceSupply sell?

Matt mentions that their primary product is Glass Tubing, borosilicate tubing, but they sell all types of general laboratory glassware, sales of which happen mostly online. Their passion for glassware is quite evident from a long line of satisfied customers. Science supply has managed to get a customer satisfaction rate of 99.8% on ebay and 99.6% on personal website.

How did Matt discover bitcoin?

Matt is one of many entrepreneurs who are accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. He first discovered bitcoin when one of his friends told him about it during one of bitcoin’s price rallies. He immediately got into it and decided to use it a form a payment. Currently about 4% of all payments made on the website are via bitcoin.

How is the Cryptocurrency market in Australia?

While talking about the general cryptocurrency market in Australia Matt mentions it’s, “slow, no real mainstream adoption yet….”, and there hasn’t been any legal difficulties that he has faced because of using bitcoin.

Are there any difficulties that are faced by accepting Bitcoin? Any legal or technical?

Cryptocurrency and exchanges are legal in Australia and it has been quite a progressive country in terms of regulating the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In 2017 they declared that cryptocurrencies were legal and specifically stated that Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies that shared its character...

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