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Is the bitcoin community not focused enough on technical sides of things?

Economic of bitcoin make complete 100% sense in my opinion. But I see there isn't enough attention the technical, bitcoin core source code side of things At least r/bitcoin repeats the same memes and how bitcoin has a limited supply, big banks are bad etc. All of these are true of course. But it just keeps getting endlessly repeated. While technical issues are almost absent. For instance : A major vulnerability found and fixed 2 yrs ago has been disclosed now. [INVDoS]( Not a single discussion here... Bitcoin will change continuously. And asper my understanding, has an extremely slow weeks-long upgrade process, as any vulnerability will exist as long as 50% node have been upgraded. This means any future vulnerability could be absolutely disastrous. The worst is that most bitcoiners are just not concerned about it. The 2018 inflation bug, one dev felt responsible for it. If the oversight of one guy can bring bitcoin to its knees, this is a massive massive problem! And with a continuously changing software, something that is bound to repeat. 1 - 5 - 10 year down the line. I used to be very bullish. But its no digital gold for me no more :-(
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