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Is Bitmain trying to time the BCH retarget to hit profitability right after the 2X fork?

When I look at these days I find myself wondering if Jihan is trying to time the BCH EDA to hit at the same time as the S2X fork to maximize his hash rate attack against BTC. It makes sense, knowing that miners follow profit. If he makes BCH more valuable for them to mine right at the fork then he manipulates the miners that would go to BTC to instead go to BCH. A temporary manipulation at best but I suspect it will work to ensure that BTC doesn't get a block or consistent blocks for a long time following the split. This will make BTC look weaker than it actually is until BCH difficulty jumps back up and it becomes less profitable to mine which could take a couple days splitting hash power between 3 chains. This was probably planned from the beginning and I'm sure is the whole reason behind the EDA. BCH is probably just a disposable chain used to attempt to maximize leverage and get S2X launched.
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