Is Bitcoin in danger of quantum computing?


I've been invested in bitcoin and other crypto currencies for some time now but I never really learned a lot about it or how it really works. I'm just familiar with the basics probably like the majority of crypto investors. I am also a physics student and recently started learning more about quantum computing. I then asked myself if this new technology which is currently being developed by multiple governments, labs and companies and has so far shown very successful results and is on the perfect predicted trajectory to commercial use is any danger the the very principle of bitcoin and blockchain. Please correct me at any point but I've learned that in order to mine btc one must compute complex mathematical problems. So for a farm or a PC to mine btc one must provide computational power. I have also learned that in principle blockchain is such a safe tool, because no one even remotely has the computational power to brute force decrypt it using classical computers.

It seems to me that quantum computers could be a threat to the whole point of bitcoin's safety and security features since it provides an enormous amount of computational power and when I say enormous I mean it. A QC with only 100 entangled Qubits (which is the quantum equivalent to a classical bit) would have more computational power than a classical computer using all the atoms in the universe.

Please share your opinions with me, thanks!