Integrating bitcoin to my application


I'm writing a virtual world renderer (FOSS, GPLv3) where the users have the ability to send each other cryptocurrency of their choice, but I'm having problems with integrating bitcoin:

  • Transactions take too long
  • Impossible to mine on consumer hardware
  • No privacy whatsoever
  • Non-fungible
  • No smart contracts

Are these things being worked on by the devs? I know there's Bitcoin Lighting but that seems to be a separate project.

I'm writing my own wallet in C++ while using the official wallet as a reference.

I've added support for a couple of other cryptocurrencies that lack some of these features but so far they've been at least more feature-rich than bitcoin.

Is there an L2 solution I could use that tries to solve some of these issues? Or should I create my own L2 layer? In my application I'm prioritizing privacy and security.