In Crypto We Trust or Is Bitcoin a Religion

self.Bitcoin1m ago
Hey guys, hope you are having a wonderful time here on Reddit. Everybody knows what Bitcoin is. Moreover, almost everyone is familiar with its background, that’s why I am not going to share any info about the pizzas, blockchain, crypto exchanges and other stuff that everybody has probably already heard about or can google it in a few seconds. I’ve been surfing the Internet for interesting crypto articles and found one that seems to be pretty provocative considering the religion and crypto mixed together in it. In this post I will briefly talk about the points. Nowadays cryptocurrency and blockchain are the most popular matter of discussion in the world. If you are a regular to different crypto forums and media resources, you could eventually notice that Bitcoin has gathered a whole crowd of enthusiasts, or to be more precise, adepts, thinking it can be a real religion. * **Lorcan Roche Kelly** from Bloomberg, a financial news provider, has said that BTC is “the first true religion of the 21st century.”. Also, **Hass McCook** called himself a Bitcoin Evangelist and “The Friar”. He has also written a few Medium posts comparing crypto to religion. * The **Church of Bitcoin** was created in 2017. Its followers consider Satoshi Nakamoto to be their prophet. * In Texas, there is an advertising campaign with huge billboards saying **“In crypto we trust”, “Crypto is real”** etc. **What does BTC have in common with religion?** I can’t really define what religion is because it’s something that has no official scientific meaning explained in the dictionary. All in all, religion is a summary of cultural ideas and doctrines which are related to life, death, and God interpretations. Usually, these depend on the origin countries. Considering this, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency do not contain any of these topics which leads us to a logical conclusion — neither Bitcoin nor any other crypto are not connected to religion by no means. **So why would people claim that BTC is a whole separate religion?** Some, like Hass McCook, are using the religion terminology to emphasize some Bitcoin cultural aspects and make middlemen get used to them. For instance, “stacking sats” (that’s when users purchase small pieces of Bitcoins) sounds strange. But McCook talks about the religious ritual while giving this process another name — “tithing”, used to call the little donations from members in order to support their church. So, in this situation, the word actually makes the action sound good and principled. Additionally, some Bitcoiners think that BTC is not only the way to make money but also the ultimate answer to all people’s problems. “Because the root cause of all of our problems is basically money printing and capital misallocation as a result of that,” McCook argues, “the only way the whales are going to be saved, or the trees are going to be saved, or the kids are going to be saved, is if we just stop the degeneracy.” Such an attitude might be the reason for comparing BTC with religion. **In view of the foregoing, do you think cryptocurrency is related to a religious theme, and could Bitcoin become a new religion that solves all of humanity’s problems? If yes, why? Or why not?**