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In case you missed it: Casa has released their Bitcoin Open-Sourced Node OS! Also a guide to building your own Casa node!

As noted in our 2020 roadmap blog post, we're planning on focusing on our Keymaster self-custody software and as a result want to open up the Casa Node to the wider community. Before today it wasn't feasible for anyone to build a Casa Node with their own software, but now you can duplicate the same process we used to manufacture nodes! This guide does assume you have a bit of technical expertise and it will take most people a couple of hours to complete.

Prerequisites USB keyboard External monitor with HDMI input Internet router with an open ethernet jack Magnetic small/mini/precision Phillips head screwdriver Purchase these parts:

Raspberry Pi 4

Fan shim

16GB MicroSD card

A MicroSD USB adapter if your computer doesn't have an SD reader

CAT5 Ethernet Cable

MicroHDMI adapter

Case Selection

There are two main options for cases and each has its own trade-offs. The original custom designed Casa Node case was created with the intention of avoiding the need for a USB cable that connects the hard drive to the Pi; instead it uses a small USB bridge to connect an expansion board that is used to mount the hard drive. This is the same setup that you can reproduce using Geekworm's case.

If you choose this option, you'll need to buy:


Sandisk 1 TB Internal SSD or 480GB SSD (node uses 350GB at time of writing)

Hard drive expansion board

Power adapter (note that this is different than a normal Pi power adapter)

However, if you want a Casa-branded case you should head on over to CryptoCloaks. This case is a bit shorter in terms of height and doesn't accommodate an expansion board.

To follow this build path, purchase:

CryptoCloaks Case

Samsung T5 SSD (because you can wrap the excess USB cable inside of the shell.)

Power adapter

Total cost at time of writing is $250 to $300 USD depending upon your choices.

Software Setup Download t...
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