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If You Want to Increase Bitcoin’s Adoption, Ask People Thinking About What Money Really Is

Bitcoin is here to make your life better

With Bitcoin, you’ll be able to do this with ultra-low transaction fees and in just a few minutes. Best of all, no one will be able to stop you from making the transactions of your choice.

Bitcoin’s great strength is that it gives you power over what you own. The point of Bitcoin is not to take money out of your country, but to take your country out of your money.

As such, Bitcoin is the first step in separating money from state.

On the Bitcoin network, everyone checks everyone, and everyone is free to manage their wealth as they wish. Your Bitcoins are yours as long as you own the private keys.

Everything is automatic with Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s source code systematically executes what is intended without any human being able to change it arbitrarily.

Bitcoin does not have a leader who will ever be able to say that it has passed the limit of the number of Bitcoins that can exist to 30 million instead of 21 million.

Everything works by consensus within Bitcoin, and no one has an interest in changing the deflationary side of Bitcoin.

This is its greatest strength in today’s world where fiat money is no longer based on anything tangible.

Rather than explaining Bitcoin in great detail, you should simply explain that Bitcoin is about making life better for its users.

Internet has made the lives of billion of people better without them needing to understand the details of the TCP, IP, or HTTP protocols. With Bitcoin, it’s the same thing.

Bitcoin is the money protocol for Internet that aims to improve the lives of everyone.

This is the key message that will help increase Bitcoin’s adoption in the future.

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