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If you want to feel confident in your investment despite this price action, it is very easy.

Use this time to learn. Watch some Andreas Antonopoulos first to learn about Bitcoin. If you don’t have time grab his audiobook from Amazon. Next, familiarize yourself with the economics of Bitcoin. I found the podcast Bitcoin Knowledge to be a great starting point. Trace makes it easy to understand. The next part is up to you whether you want to dive deeper down the technical rabbit hole and grab a copy of Mastering Bitcoin, or start learning more about money and debt and different schools of Economics. Once you realize the potential of the technology, and the economic value of having the best form of money ever created that is also a great store of value, the panic just completely disappears. You realize that the volatility we are experiencing is unavoidable when you combine the psychology of the market with the break neck pace Bitcoin is going on it’s road to becoming the world reserve currency. You will be back to cost dollar averaging in no time.
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