If you are vegan and have previously sold a startup/are going to sell one and have enough time, please read on.


i am a freshman at a top university and am interested in startups. I have got some cool ideas related to vegan startups. However, i am utterly hapless in the sense that i have got all the resources in the world but no guide to plan things out with.

my aim is to develop a business plan that gets funding. i am from an elite uni so once a plan is made funding will not be an issue. i am also ready to dedicate lots n lots of time n patience at the funding stage.

however i suck at making friends in college which is why i had to come here. though i must admit i do not suck in professional setups.

my request is that if u have previously sold a startup/know the ins and outs of this process n are commited to veganism, kindly comment or dm me. i am a youngster who needs advice from elders.

i am not scared of someone stealing my vegan idea because even if someone does that i will be super happy since it will only help spread veganism in the world.

so if u yourself r interested in vegan business, i can work with u.

this is my throwaway account for obvious reasons. i am also going to post this on multiple subreddits since i am in sorta hurry.

thank you!