if you are crypto.com user read this


if you are crypto.com user read this

I already made topic about it, but you need to read this. In short my funds are frozen and they refuse to return them.

My email to them, and my warning to you :

" When creating account on your platform, have you mention somewhere your users should be business owners ?

Show me where it is written i should own bank account to access my funds ?

My funds are frozen. I have explained to you in detail where my money are from, i send you bank statements, personal data and ask for video call. All is ignored .

But i am not important customer. I top up only once or twice a month. Sometimes may even deposit only once every 2 months.

I use the cheapest card, i never went close to reaching your daily or monthly limits for withdrawing, deposit or spending. I am just a teardrop in the ocean.

I am sure you have millionaires holding huge amounts in crypto assets. Was just wondering, how secure will they feel, when they see crypto.com, locks accounts at will and freeze funds without reason.

Why would someone keep 1 million on the crypto.com, when they lock an account of 22 years old girl, who sits at home and creates websites ? Why is never on your platform mentioned we are not welcome ? We, with the cheapest cards. With the lower deposits , withdraws and spendings.

You own our accounts. You own our funds, you own our personal dara. You charge 5% top up fee to card ( never mentioned anywhere ). You charge 3% cashout fee from your crypto card.

You do all this, we users put up with it and in the end you decide to lock the funds and go radio silent for 2 weeks. Your only service, is to make sure we get to use our own funds, yet you prefer to find ways to keep them for yourself.

My only wish is to receive my money back and leave your platform forever. I urge every living creature using your services to do the same. "