If Bitcoin truly would be the world currency, just trying to imagine...


If BTC one day would become the world currency but the coins are limited, wouldn't that mean that the value would only increase as long as more people would be using it?

Also, first come first serve principle would apply which would mean that people who aren't born today, their chance at success in life would be limited while some who are alive today (and their descendents) will own large amounts of this network making them incredibly rich, powerful and corrupt, and kinda the inheritors of Earth? and wouldn't this be a reason enough for noone in the future wanting bitcoin? and wouldn't the only reason for bitcoin to still be the world currency despite this if it was forced upon everyone through force?

So basically the only reason why bitcoin would be the world currency is if it was forced upon everyone else and that everyone without bitcoin would become slaves to the people with bitcoin in the end?

Is there something wrong with my logic? Sorry genuine questions here from a noob, I'm just starting to read the bitcoin standard book...