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If 20% of all BTC has been lost, that would mean that...

[]( []( []( If this is true, and BTC someday becomes the world's reserve currency, replacing the 200 trillion dollars of currency in circulation around the world, that would imply that the final value of one BTC could be as much as around 10 million dollars, nominally speaking, in today's money. Which would make each sat worth about a dime. And of course the shrinkage, while I'm sure it's slowed dramatically as BTC has increased in value, hasn't stopped altogether. And even after it arrives at its final destination, and even if that destination is 10 million usd, it won't stop even then. Even if BTC replaces all other currency, the deflation, although slowed, will never stop. Those are kind of sobering thoughts. And that's also assuming that its evolution from this point forward is smooth. While I'm very optimistic about BTC's ultimate success, I think a big part of that success will be surviving yet another global financial crisis, which I believe will be far worse than the first one. I believe BTC could suffer horribly in the short term during such an event, but recover dramatically when hyperinflation of fiat currencies finally sets in. I could easily see a scenario in which a global financial crash brought BTC to its knees, and cause the world to think it had failed. In such an event, we could see key loss like never before, even worse than the development phase when people took few pre...
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