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Idea: r/Bitcoin creates a simple "How to Start a Local Bitcoin Club" wiki, to promote towns/neighborhoods using Bitcoin for regular buying and selling business between peers

Inspired by this post I'd love to see us promote the original purpose of Bitcoin, which is a peer-to-peer way to trade money directly between individuals' wallets, rather than via exchanges or other middleman sites (like Bisq) or processing companies (like Bitpay). I know that I got into Bitcoin when some cool folks on Reddit were giving it away to anyone who asked, and that made me get a wallet and learn how to use it. It was just so much easier than trying to get into an exchange (which I eventually did do, because I wanted to get more). So, since it seems like one of the biggest challenges to Bitcoin adoption is not having anyone to trade with, and creating local Bitcoin clubs, to help people connect to one another, personally, so that they can offer and receive bitcoin for whatever kinds of exchanges they want to do, could be an extremely useful tool. Local businesses could sponsor or just join the clubs as well, so that folks in a community build up strong connections for using Bitcoin for normal business. Also, the more we exchange Bitcoin with people we are closer to (than central exchanges and the total strangers on them) the more we focus on making sure that exchanges are "fair" in the sense of not trying to only trade it away or spend when it's high, and just using it all the time, so that losses and gains are less pronounced, and folks are more comfortable using it all the time. Maybe we could put together a little "how to form a Bitcoin club" website/video/flyer for anyone to use and share.
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