Idea for lightning-powered social media: $5 paywall in sats to join (dynamically changing) a new website. Spammers get banned. Once banned, the $5 payment they made is divided among all users on the platform. Users moderate the platform.


If someone with the proper resources wants to bring this idea to life, feel free to reach out to me. I wrote a whitepaper for a platform but chose not to pursue it in the end because it involved creating an altcoin, and after reflection and a change in ideology, I've decided I DON'T want to make an altcoin.

The basic concept: I'd like to interact with people on a platform without encountering spam bots where my interactions with everyone are put on even ground with other users instead of determined by an algorithm. Bad actors (spammers, scammers) are permanently banned by users who opt-in to participate in jury duty. The user would also be able to sort the posts that they see as opposed to just automatically getting fed that which the platform thinks they want to see. This website could potentially evolve to become a legitimate marketplace, powered by lightning if it becomes popular enough, starting with a fraction of a percentage in fees taken as profit in the beginning, then maybe a flat fee of 100 or 10 or 1 satoshi per transaction if it becomes popular enough.

The self-policing platform: Users opt-in to participate in a form of jury duty. These are "level one jurors" who must solve a capthca and decide whether or not a user violated the rules of the social media platform or is out of line. Level one jurors are ordinary users. Then there will be level 2 jurors. Level 2 jurors make sure that level one juror are doing what they should be doing. Then, finally, there are level 3 jurors. in the beginning these may be staff or admins of the platform, working to determine whether or not level 1 and level 2 jurors are doing their jobs.