Idea for displaying and reading BTC and sats more easily


Humans are pretty bad at looking at large numbers, it's why we use commas every 3 digits as a standard, because it helps us more easily process large numbers.

Therefore, instead of exchanges, wallets, and users always displaying x.xxxxxxxx BTC or xxxxxxxx sats

We could separate the BTC from the sats, making it easier for the human brain to process at a glance.

Here are some examples:

0.27350000 BTC

0.27 BTC & 350k sats

1.06045100 BTC

1.06 BTC & 45.1k sats

0.70042711 BTC

0.7 BTC & 42,711 sats

0.01000542 BTC

0.01 BTC & 542 sats