Id like someone to....


I got this image in my mind, how people are scared about bitcoin volatility.

The most expensive bitcoin I ever bought was under 3k.

I do not mind so much if it goes to 700K or 10K.

The image that I have is people freaking out about the volatility of bitcoin while they are going downhill... like with a 2% slope but constant, and bitcoin keeps going up and down but more up and less down the rollercoaster, or something like that. Where we clearly see the nonsense of all this, and clearly bitcoin is going naturally up while fiat is going naturally to zero.


edit, im high. yeah, idea like for a meme or gif or video.

edit2. and when they are going down, fiat, they have bumps like in a chariot or whatever that name is, a wagon pulled by horses or a car, why not a boat? and bitcoin is going through turbulence like on an airplane or a rocket or some shit like that.