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Indonesia Explores Blockchain Voting

The Sumatra project focuses on providing the 92 million members of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization, Nahdlatul Ulama, with a digital ballot box on their mobile phones that allows them to vote on key decisions affecting their community, such as electing leaders, allocating funds and deciding on community projects.Melbourne-based startup Horizon State, which was recently named one of the World Economic Forum’s Tech Pioneers, announced in July a project to roll out a community voter platform built on blockchain technology in the island of Sumatra which it hopes to scale-up for regional and national government elections in Indonesia.In this particular use case, blockchain technology promises to provide trust in the electoral process itself as well as very low cost ways of verifying that these votes took place.“We’re in interesting dialogue at the moment with national and regional governments, which are interested in the future to use of the technology in regional and national government elections in the region,” Horizon State CEO Oren Alazraki told ABC.Adapted from #FintechSingapore⬇️ Connect with #DCC🤝🏿 ⬇️* Reddit ➡️* Telegram ➡️* Facebook ➡️* Instagram ➡️* Medium ➡️* Twitter ➡️ INDONESIAIndonesia Warms up to Blockchain Voting Indonesia Continue on

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