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I work for a Bank and you block your self

Tldr the banks may be bad but its a normal person unblocking your card who needs to make sure 1. You aren't being scammed and when you lie it's impossible to make that decision and 2. You are genuine account holder as it is our jobs on the line. I've seen so many bloody conspiracy theories on the crypto subreddits about banks not having enough fiat for everyone to do crypto, blocking you cos they don't want you moving all your money out the bank blah blah blah. The guy on the phone, that'll be me, could give 2 flying shits about what you do with your money. But it's neccessary, no matter how much you cry and whine, to prove its you doing it. Think about it this way, you lose your card and some guy spanks 200 quid on music magpie. Easy done we just take the money back cancel the order all done possibly even a shipping address for the police. On the other hand 200 quid into crypto once its cleared you can say good bye to that it's gone for good and you lose 200. Now think about all the other cunts with bank accounts alongside you big brains who think the banks are out to get you. We get people getting scammed every single fucking day and you think you are some special snow flake cos you are doing crypto, so is everyone and their dog. People lying to the bank about what they are doing when we can see the transaction, the websites, the device IDs and ip addresses... Just be honest. I have sent more people to a bank branch and had to invoke banking protocol (which is the police being called) when people won't just be honest and say oh I'm sending this to my daughter...via moonpay... Right whatever mate its your time not mine. Advice for unblocking the card is be upfront, always answer a security question even with a partial answer and do not pressure them to speed up as that is seen as a tactic to push for an unblock. Could get you branched. Know you will down vote as banks r bad but tbh the sheer lack of understanding in this subreddit is unhealthy.
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